Radial Drilling Machine
25mm Radial Drilling Machine
40mm Radial Drilling Machine
Drilling Capacity 38mm
Coloumn Diameter 170mm
Spindle Nose MT-4
Dist. From Spindle 620mm
to Pillar Surface  
Spindle Travel 250mm
No. Of Spindle Speed 8
Coloumn Diameter 127mm
Spindle Speed (RPM) 110-2125
Base To Spindle Nose 810mm
Drilling Motor 1 & 0.5 H.P.
Diameter of Ram 78 mm
Dist. From Spindle to base  (Max/Min) 950/240
Dist. From Colum to Spindle 825/385
Max. Drilling Radius 910
Drilling Head Motor (1440RPM) 1.5
Lifting of arm Motor (1440 RPM) 0.5 H.P
V-BELT Section B-47& B-24
Machine Measurement 1280x930x1855
Size of box TABLE 300x300x385